Transformation, Evolution, Coevolution

Preetam De wrote something interesting which made me think to complex systems:

“#Transformation is a process.
#Evolution is a learning experience through empiricism.

Reason why transformations have short term benefits.
Evolution is long term and is based on how the ecosystem is changing.

Are you transforming or evolving?”(1)

Since we deal with complex dynamic systems  ‘coevolution’ word came in my mind. And I would say that near empiricism we also have theory which could help us a lot. ‘Transformation’, maybe, has short term benefits because a mechanistic approach is considered. ‘Evolution’ works better, maybe, because we use another metaphor which is ecology, biology.
This means the techniques used for ‘transformation’ are different than the ones used for ‘evolution’. No wonder that we have problems with scalability when ‘transformation’ should be applied at large scale.

Note: I know there is a place for both but the problem now, I think, is that we only see the mechanistic approach.

(1) Preetam De, Linked In post regarding ‘transformation’ and ‘evolution’